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§  This is a small home-based Ad design company, devoted strictly to creating online banner-style ads.


§  You get quality work, with a quick turnaround, and 2 low-priced, affordable Ad packages. FLAT RATE [$14.99 OR $24.99]





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Charmaine Baker is a self-published author, freelance writer, and talented ad creator with years of online marketing skills.  LEARN MORE.


Consider me your Host. I’m the site’s Ad creator; the one responsible for hosting your promotional ads in the AdProHost Ad Directory.”




AdProHost.com owner,

operator, and website creator

Company’s Mission


The launching of AdProHost.com as my new ad design company is for the primary purpose of:


“Helping to promote new and existing online companies, one small business at a time”


I discovered the need and the benefits of banner advertising years ago, after working as an online writer, affiliate marketer, and struggling entrepreneur. Writing and self-publishing over a dozen of my own ebooks forced me to learn critical skills like banner ad marketing and self-promotion.


Now, my mission is to bring those 20 plus years of hands-on experience to AdProHost.com, so I can help others with my attractive, eye-catching banner ads of various sizes or shapes. I also include in each ad package, promotional opportunities with free ad hosting in the site’s directory, and free Twitter posts, on the site’s new Twitter account.






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